Sonntag, 13. November 2011


After arriving at the Antwerpen Centraal Station, which is a monument on its own to visit (simpy magnificent building!), quickly found my way to the hotel.
Checked into the hotel, which seems quite nice. The lady at the reception told me the drinks in the mini-bar are free, and when I looked astounded she quickly added not to expect any champagne or fancy drinks :) Free coffee and tea all day in the lobby and free WIFI. Regarding breakfast, I will be taking my chances at the Devoxx and hope to rely on "Vers Brood en Kaas" ;)
I went to register at 18h, got my Devoxx bag and T-shirt. And my armband. I looked at the guy funny when he put it around my wrist. It looked like mere paper and I am supposed to wear it the whole week (you cannot take it off once it's on)?? The guy told me, it's like a rock festival, I must wear the armband the whole week, yes. Rock festival? Ok, note taken;) But ok, the armband is made of a kind of plastic, and is water proof (tested that already :p)
I strolled around the Central Station afterwards, looking for a place to eat when a lady with a notepad in her hands approached me. Well, to cut the story short, after a few hours of being in Antwerpen, I had already signed a petition so that they wont't cut all the trees(!) on the lane that leads from the station. Apparently the city thinks that the trees refrain people from seeing the station from further away. Or so it was explained to me. Does really seem silly to cut off all the trees (pretty big trees), doesn't it?

Anyhow, tomorrow it gets down to business.

Will keep you posted.


  1. Ja, der Bahnhof: Schönes Gebäude. Aber: Da gibt's Bäume? ;-)

    Das mit dem Armband ist neu. Wahrscheinlich gibt's verschiedene Farben, je nachdem, für welche Tage man bei der Devoxx gebucht hat, oder?

    Na ja: Heute ist der erste Tag. Viel Spaß!

  2. Hi Carla,

    schön, dass Du den Blog fortführst. Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß in Antwerpen und freue mich auf interessante Beiträge. Have fun!

    LG, Christina

  3. @joern Yeps; es gibt Baume :p noch..
    Der Armband wird ueberall gescanned, also nur ein T-shirt pro Armband, nur ein Sandwich beim Mittagessen... :p Je nach gebuchte Tag und Tarif(Student oder nicht), andere Farbe ja.

    @Christina Danke :)