Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Getting there....

Ok. Call me crazy, but I travelled by train to Antwerpen! Nothing like supporting the DBahn and all ;) And yes; of course there was a delay. Wouldn't be the DBahn if not; now would it. Anyway, my trip took me to Brussels via Köln. Still had time to take a snapshot of the Dom. Then after the delay, I finally continued to Brussels. With a good book and some chocolate chip cookies, the trip isn't THAT long... just about 6 hours ;)
Well, in Brussels the most people speak French, though the names appear in both french and Flemish. But I think never before did I hear so many diferent languages or see so many people of diferent nationalities in such a short period of time!
Naturally I could not refrain myself from also trying moules et pommes frite accompanied with belgian beer. I actually don't appreciate beer, but hey, in a city where they even have a beer museum, I go with the flow :) Seemed like everyone else was eating pommes frites, or standing in a queue to get some!
From Brussels to Antwerpen, it's only about 40 minutes by train. In Antwerpen I have to switch my "Merci" to "Dank u". Most people here speak Flemish, which is fun, because it's not hard to understand.

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