Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Day 3: Conference Days start

Today marks the beginning of the "conference days". The first 2 days were the so called "Student days". Plus the exhibition started only yesterday. Lots of more people, and I mean A LOT more people.

Stephan Janssen, organizer of the DEVOXX, started with some anouncements and then keynotes by some "java guys from Oracle"(not my words! :))
Henrik Stahl(on Java SE) and Cameron Purdy(on Java EE). I am not going to present the notes here, but here are just some keywords:
Java 7 EE: Cloud, Modularity (jigsaw), HTML5, Elasticity, multi-tenancy,JMS 2.0

Stephan Janssen presented some quite impressive numbers.
Attending the DEVOXX this year are 3350 people from 40 countires!! Wow!

He also revealed a secret... next year 18-20 April there will be a DEVOXX in Paris,France! Cool I thought, .. but 75 percent will be in french :/

Another note, the DEVOXX sessions from 2010 are now available on Parleys FOR FREE!!

My first session of today:
In "Java: the good,the bad,the ugly" Joshua Bloch presented his own very personal view on ALL the packages of Java 1.0!

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