Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Day 1: Android again

Android Tools in Action
(Tor Norbye and Xavier Ducrohet)

- Half an hour session on some tipps on the Android Tools

Ok, so if you are not yet developing Android apps, not so much you can retain here. And 30 minutes is quite short.

Continuous Code Inspection with Sonar
(Olivier Gaudin)


Sonar basically presents the 7 deadly sins of the developer on a dashboard!
Cool: eclipse plug-in

This session presented Sonar live demo. Very cool to see how much information Sonar gives you.
Liked this session alot :)))

Code Review with Git and Gerrit
(Matthias Sohn)

Git: distribuited revision control system
- no central authority
- easy to branch
- easy offline usage
JGit: Java library implementing the
EGit: Git in eclipse

Code Review is not about fault finding or pointing fingers!
+ 4 eyes catch more bugs
+ learn without breaking
+ helps enforcing coding standards

>> Gerrit Code Review
notion of virtual branch
-code review before changes reachj the code base
-only completed changes reach the project history
-code reviews take time and implies paralel workflow
-every team member should do code review
- BUT it does take weeks or months to learn :(

Well, Gerrit Code Review does seem interesting...a bit. As pointed out by the speaker, it does take a lot of time to get used to. SAP does use Gerrit (about 700 developers). The code review does take some time, so the developer has to wait(!) until code gets reviewed. But each member in the team has to spend 1 hour reviewing someone else's code. Matthias Sohn pointed out, that this time invested is definitely worth it? because it does save time in the long run.
Somehow, I am missing the WOW effect...

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